About Us

Who we are?

Myclanhost is a corporation that was founded by a team of hosting industry professionals who were fed up with dealing with the failures of major web hosting companies. Instead of putting up with constant server hardware rebuilds, mass billing errors, and incompetent staff, we decided to build our own company with our management staff involved in every facet of the company’s daily operation.

We provide a wide range of perennially useful hosting services, such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Servers running on both
Windows and Linux platforms, with the potential for both managed and unmanaged services.

Our Company Mission

to ensure productive, friendly relationships with our customers, both before and after their targets have been achieved. to consistently deliver the foremost quality hosting services to our customers, while consistently demonstrating honesty and integrity through our work.

Our Vision

One day 70% of all web hosting purchase transactions in the US will be online. people will buy from the company that provides and creates the best service and the widest selection. our vision is that Myclanhost be that online store

"Myclanhost is an absolute amazing host, we've been using them for a while and never had any problems."

Ruth Jarrett

"Myclanhost is there to support us and see success in our business, which in turn allows us to see success in our client’s business."

Gordon Lacy

"Our portfolio is loaded with images, so it’s important that our site would be fast. Myclanhost takes out all of the stress and pain"

Erin Chiasson

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